Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andy Capp Continues to Take a Breather

This weekend, as with most weekends recently, have consisted of me going out solo. I am very broke so this limits the venues I can go to and make sure I can get my money’s worth. I have to plan accordingly and as such for two evenings in a row I ended up at my favorite local pub, McMullan’s.

I realized a few things as I sat there on Saturday night and even moreso on Sunday.

- I go there a lot. I mean A LOT. It has really gotten to the point where pretty much only the bartenders who work during the day don’t know me. I also recognize too many locals and I know the Irish folk band as well to the point where I help out with clean-up.

- Being sober in a bar and particularly in an Irish pub can make you the target for ridicule. Not so much from the other patrons but definitely from the bartenders. Example:

John- What are you having, Sean? Blue Moon? Guinness?
Me- Naw. Give me a Sprite.
Jonh- Whoa! You sure you can handle that?

Add to that ribbing by the other three bartenders, a few drunks and the manager and you pretty much get the picture. Makes it even sweeter with the Irish accent.

- Nachos are delicious. Only eat bar food at a place that has a restaurant as well. Regular pub grub/bar food tastes like ass and ash when you aren’t swimming in alcohol.

- As I said before time moves MUCH slower when you are sober. I spent a total of maybe 2-3 hours there over the course of those two nights and it really dragged. I have been in that place before at 7 pm and the next thing I know it’s midnight. That may just be due to the copious amounts of beer and shots I consumed that made conversations seem more enthralling than they were but, seriously, life being the sober guy in a drunk mix is really, really slow.

I finally understand Quicksilver. Except for the creepy incest stuff.

- Maybe it’s because of the economy and they gotta hustle to get that last dollar but bartenders notice you less when you are just drinking soda or water. Or maybe it’s just because I’m not going through glass after glass of beer like they were running out of the stuff. Or maybe it’s because I’m TOO regular there. Gotta do more research on that one day.
I'll give em a pass though because they are cool people and were probably just focus on their jobs and you can't knock that hustle.
I still tip well if strictly because they aren’t trying to charge me FOUR FRAKKIN’ BUCKS for a soda.

All in all I had a good weekend and accomplished my mission- I was good and calm on Saturday and saw Push and had a decent night watching Dexter Season 2 and The Jane Austen Book Club on Sunday. Good stuff…

…except for Danny Boy. God, I can’t stand that song anymore. Makes me wanna choke out leprechauns. First time I heard it there and, hopefully, it will be the last time.


  1. are you the secret author to those someecards?

  2. i wish. those guys n gals r geniuses.