Thursday, February 19, 2009

So It Continues...

For the fifth or maybe it's the sixth night/day, my roommate's drinking and eating and not giving a crap about the general reality of affairs continues. I find it amusing that I can leave the house in the morning or afternoon and come home to a completely new female face sitting on the couch. Plus, I sometimes get free food out of the whole she-bang.

All of this is inspiring me to work harder to get out of the spot.

I mean he is nice enough but this depressing behavior even when he does have fun can seriously harsh my sober life buzz. Additionally, he gets pissy with others (not me) and that quickly annoys.

So, I hope he enjoys this time of drinking, having fun and being unemployed. It usually doesn't last but maybe he is one of those people that has figured out how to keep it going.

Me? I have to deal with this thing called adulthood and reality.

The 24 packs in my fridge yell for me.
They say "Come. Drink us, brother. Forget your problems for a mere marvelous, miraculous moment." (like the alliteration?)

But I continue to resist their siren song. I would like to think I'm better for it.

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