Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tribe and Yeezus

I went to see Kanye last week for his final show in Brooklyn. I mainly went to hang with my pals, enjoy a free evening of music (thanks, D) and see A Tribe Called Quest because I'M OLD but I was also curious go here)
about a Kanye show. I have my own feelings about that dude and his show and his walking and crossing the line between confidence, cockiness and minor megalomania but that can be discussed at another time. This is just a collection of some of my tweets from the night. If you want an actual article with more substance that is almost as good as my booze fueled ramblings

I have edited these for spelling, context and to correct the mashed keys of a man who drank basically a tumbler of vodka and Red Bulls in addition to beers. Enjoy.

(Waiting before the concert to get in...)
- Dude is freestyling on this VIP line. No idea why...
My friends are the best.

(Private box seats before the show...)
Nice Red Bull view. Again, my friends are the best.

(ATCQ comes out and I'm instantly transported back to Queens and the 90s...)
- There are very few perfect moments. Watching A Tribe Called Quest live standing with my friend since 8th grade? Definitely one of them. #foreverfriends
- Highlights so far- Busta coming out and the CRAZY thick Low End Theory/Bonita Applebum chick

I repeat, CRAZY. Everyone stopped breathing.
- This chick is bad. Even the white boys have become mesmerized. #postracial #racism
- My friend- "Remember when we were bumping these joints in the hallway, bruh. Bustah Rhymes just Hacksaw Jim Duggan'd 'Scenario.'"

(Yeezus just rose again... Or for the first time tonight...)
- As my brother would say "there are many white angels from Caucasian heaven" on this stage.

No idea what was going on but they wore fancy linens.
- Kanye looks like Liberace/Bane.
"Let's not stand on ceremony here, my minions."- L. Bane

- Where is WHITE Jesus?!
- In thrall to the cult.

The crowd was mesmerized.
- What? Did this dude just rise up on an iceberg? Is it snowing in here? Oh, it's snowing only on Yeezy. Okay.

Glacier or iceberg? It doesn't even matter.
- My friend- "He's rapping while lying on a glacier. The only thing missing from this Kanye show is a virgin sacrifice." (it didn't happen but I wouldn't had been surprised)
- Kanye is sitting on white women. That's all you need to know.
These white folks were once arranged in sofa form. Like Voltron.

- Is that... Is that a wendigo?
- Kanye came here to you folks that you don't believe in yourselves enough.
- My friend- "Why is Kanye wearing Darkman's duster coat?"
- How do you have people hyped over one key being played? Really?! #toasttothedouchebags
- Kanye has been preaching/singing like R. Kelly for the last 15 minutes. Drink that Kool-Aid.
- Tesla?
- Kanye is now sparkly Deathstroke. Have no idea if I have really seen him tonight. That is all.
- Is Kanye about to be sent to the grid? Oh, it's just the "Through The Wire" intro. Proceed.
- This concert needs some Aziz Ansari to break up the life lessons.

(At this point Kanye inserts something about the sound/monitor guy. I only caught about a second of it because I was focused on two-fisting beer at this point. Another one of my 20 friends who were randomly there also tweeted the next day what was up- "Remember last night, when Kanye's monitor guy interrupted his rant and then Kanye yelled at us all that the guy made him lose his stream of consciousness and he was about to inspire us to cure cancer but now we were all going to have to live with cancer forever. hahahahahahahaha." Dammit.)

- White Jesus has revealed Ye's face. Finally.

"My son, why are you wearing that denim skort?"- Weezus
- Just FYI- Ye has the finest skirts.
- Kanye West- Deepest V Champion. Uncontested. For years.
- Phone dying. No more #Yeezus tweets. Sorry.

Phone went kaput. (I need a new one very soon) The concert ended soon after. My friends went to enjoy the night at club where Q-Tip was spinning and I went home like a semi-responsible adult, wired off of Yeezus energy, Red Bull and being with my friends. The trip home continued the good vibes. The night gave me a lot to think on and were all around good times.

My final #Yeezus tweet (for now) was the next day-
"I'm looking for a shiny mask and a Darkman trench coat so I can be more #Kanye today. Where's my wendigo?! #yeezus"
"You may be talented but you're not Kanye West."- actual Yeezus quote

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Why I don't do much besides drink anymore.
Except on special occasions...

Endtrip from Endtrip on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


So, it was The Rub again and also The Master of Shotz birthday. What could go wrong?

I was supposed to meet some people and bring them in with me but they cancelled because they are lame and I scooped up a pal from the line and did my usual entry. I had about $50 on me with $30 of that automatically going to pay back a friend so my game plan was A DRINK and just chilling with friends. Maybe 2 drinks if my DJ pals weren't hitting up the beer backstage. I was DEFINITELY NOT doing shots of Jameson like I knew had a high potential of going down. Especially since Darth Fader would also be there.

I accomplished one of these goals.

I'll probably have my wedding, kids' baptisms and wake  DJed by these guys.

This was still the game plan when I ran into my friend D at the other bar. He had a night out to just chill and he's good to be around because we keep the mood relax while somewhat sober. After a certain level, well...

So, he offers to buy me a drink and I turn him down. Initially. Twenty minutes pass and I figure what the hell? I'll get one vodka cranberry and be good. D says "I got you" and makes sure that the bartender gives me Stoli.

"I don't pay for any random liquor." Which is smart because you don't want to drink antifreeze.*

Drink Uno- drank.

Normally, at this point I go back to the larger room where my pals are DJing but the guy they had  was KILLIN' IT!

More of my friends arrive. I get more drinks. I avoid shots. I was marginally successful for the night.

Fast forward to about 3 AM. I've haven't hit on any women and I don't care.** I have danced with two or four of my female friends awkwardly and that means it's closing time for this guy.

I trek to the train and pass out from exhaustion. I wake up going towards Coney Island which is weird since I got on the train going back to Queens. What I think happened is that I slept so long the train had begun to make the return trip. I got up, got on another train, got off, caught my bus and almost got in a fight with this dude for nodding off too close to him which was totally my fault but he could have been calmer.

It is now almost 8 or 9 AM.

There is another round of drinking at 7 PM and I told someone I would go with them to watch fireworks at 10/11 PM. Joy.

I awake at 2:30 PM and I do not want to leave the bed. Check that- I was WOKEN up at 2:30 by fireworks friend girl to see if we were going to hang later. I remind her of my other party and take a shower.

I get to the event and NOBODY gets there for an hour. I should know better at this point with my people but the hot dog, beer and view make up for it.

They missed out.
My friends eventually arrive. I plan to leave at 9 to meet my other friend but she lames out on me for the second night in a row so I plan now to leave at 9:30.


Three (or four) Brooklyn Ales later and it's 11:00 PM. I've pulled a me but it was a good time so I'm not upset and I'm a grownup so I could have left whenever.

Great but exhausting weekend with friends.

I don't want to do it again for awhile. I'm getting tired.

*Although a lot of bars just give you that shite anyway and keep it in fancy bottles. You can tell if you are a dru- an aficionado like myself. 
**This has been a recent development in this past year or so and I think I'm finally cool with that. I don't have to live the life for my friends to live vicariously through me all the time.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Star Shine

I just saw a news report about this place- Star Shine.
I'm not really the guy who needs a shoe shine but I got kinda excited about this.

Not for the cleavage view of the women but for the idea of drinking at a new venue.
Growth or a problem with booze?
You decide.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Pour Your Own Poison"

I had a talk with a friend about my trying not to drink again. My decision came about partly because I was trying to be healthy and also my liver must hate me after all of these years and probably deserves a respite. My friend ask why don't I just cut back on the amount I drink while I'm out. I just laughed at that. You would think someone who has known me since we've been about 11 years old would know better. I don't believe in moderation, or at least I get confused by it, particularly in hedonistic activities. I received a gift from both sides of family- addiction. Whether it's drugs, drink, gambling, hoarding or (for my mother) working, my family goes all in. I live like a Spartan, don't really like drugs or spending/losing money, so all that is left is working and drinking. I'm still underemployed right now and so that leaves drinking.... BUT my underemployment has helped with the drinking since I can't afford to imbibe. So, when there is a cost, I can't drink that much anyway if I wanted to.

The problem is when I show up and there is no cost....

For example, one of my nephews had a birthday party during St. Patrick's Day weekend. I normally hate going out around this holiday because it normally involves an argument and/or tussle with some drunk white guy, usually from Boston. But, I figured I'd be good at this event. Just Puerto Ricans and black folks. And I wasn't drinking so it was going to be all good. What I neglected to remember was that parties for kids of a certain age was partially for them to see family and get gifts but it was mostly for adults to sit around and drink while children are contained.
So, I get there early with my younger brother Rock and my father and it's just my older brother and his wife at this point. He shows me the apartment set-up and where the food and drinks are. 
"There is a cooler of beer right there, man" he says.
"Naw. No thanks. I'm taking a break from drinking," I reply.
He pauses to look at me for a second. I guess my legend has proceeded me or I got more internet readers than I thought. 
"Okay," he says. "Well, it's there if you want."
I thank him again and sit down. It's cool for a little while. Very low key. Then people start to arrive.
Here is a thing you should know about me and my brother Rock- we are very similar about a lot of things but different about a lot of others. One of those things is how we deal with people. When first meeting us, most people would think that I'm the one who is more comfortable with meeting new people. It's true to a point. I'm excellent at feigning false interest and witty bullshit. I learned that from years of private schooling and dealing with people I really don't want to talk to in the first place. But after the initial bit, if I'm bored or don't feel I have anything to contribute I become the quiet guy. My little brother is different. He never starts up so he maintains a dickish aloofness that actually makes people want to talk to him. So 40 minutes into a party with sober Sean and a sober Rock, you'll probably be dealing with him more than me.
This was not going to work. These people were family or close enough where I had to step up. Plus, after eating all these chips and pretzels I was getting thirsty.
"I'm getting a Coors," I said to my brothers, who were both drinking. I never get bent off of Coors or most lighter beers so I figured it would be cool to take one night off.
Six beers in and I'm nice but still good. Food is done. I'm eating, chatting and just enjoying the mania of kids running around with Nerf guns and other random forms of artillery. Kids have a lot of cool dangerous things nowadays. 
I'm chilling in the kitchen when I see it.

My old Southern friend...
Jack Daniel aka SoCo's crazy, rude uncle. Or creepy older cousin that goes muddin'. 


It was unopened and I asked my older brother if he was going to open it. He grabs the bottle and takes off the top and places it back on the counter.
"It's all yours' he says. "But you pour your own poison."
Cool with me.
I make a not too strong Jack and Coke and take a seat. Everything is all good. 
I sip it and just enjoy the warmness and the music playing and everyone talking.
Eventually I finish that cup and it's birthday cake time.
This is the point where the smart guy that lives in my brain starts banging pans and saying "YO! Don't eat cake and don't make another cup. Just because it hasn't hit you yet doesn't mean that this liquor is going to be cool with you tonight. All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again."*

What do I do? 

Eat cake and make a strong cup of  J & C.

I believe there is a screwed up adult child checklist. Certain milestones you hit before you can truly call yourself a screw-up. You don't have to hit them all but you should take note when you do. They include but aren't limited to- 
-shitting yourself in public 
-rushing to pay your taxes on the afternoon/evening of April 15th
-crying alone or in shower, preferably with a shitty sad song playing in the background
-getting in a car with someone else who should also not be driving
-waking up on a floor
-waking up to either angry texts ("I can't beleive you...") and/or scared texts ("Where are you???Are you alive?")
-waking up in a hospital or jail after drinking heavily
-getting really sick in the middle of a crowded party
-throwing up in front of a parent

I accomplished that last one with flair.
I made it safely from the party, safely onto two trains and was almost to my father's apartment in the projects when I felt it. It was going to happen. I paused, bent over, spread my feet wide** and let loose. I vaguely remember my dad being concerned but Rock just saying "Don't worry. He's good."
Yeah, I've become that guy to my brother.

Anyway, what did I learn from all of this? Moderation is hard fro me and I need to observe and respect that. I don't need to drink. Not really. But this episode has allowed me to go out recently and cut myself off with more confidence and at the right time. I think the key to me to maintaining that level of sobriety is having someone around me that isn't as sober as me or is drinking like I do. And to also do a mental "Don't drink a lot, Sean" admonishment at the beginning of the night. I don't think I'm quitting (at least not right now) but I have definitely pulled back from the demon juice. 

I'm proud of that and I think that is a step to moving past adding anymore items to The Screw-Up List. I already am a few steps back so I need no more minuses.

*He is a Battlestar Galactica nerd.

Friday, March 8, 2013

This should be interesting...

So, Darth Fader's birthday party is tomorrow.

His invite just reads " BIRTHDAY DRINKS! "

The Master of Shotz will definitely be in attendance with assorted other imbibers.

There is a HUGE potential for shenanigans. I hope it makes good writing material.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Age of Sobriety

Watch the whole thing but what's important is the content and my cameo beginning at 2:57 to the end.

I don't think I was "the drinkingest nigga" but I was definitely close.

Anyway, this video was made years ago but my hedonistic approach to booze has been at Bender Bending Rodriguez levels, even up until last year. It wasn't consistent get crunked up ever weekend but my tolerance level would allow me to drink giants under the table. I was a bit of a Viking.

I've gotten better as I've gotten older (AKA my body doesn't allow for as quick of a recovery anymore). I paced myself and don't except every challenge involving liquor. And now I'm back to no booze at all.

My pal asked me why I don't imbibe with moderation but me and moderation in anything can, at most times, be a laughable concept. Whether it's liks, reading, love, I'm usually all in. Luckily, I'm not a gambler or Vegas could have been MUCH wacker for me.

So, I've been off the Jesus Juice since February 3rd. It was supposed to just start on the last weekend of January but a friend had a birthday party and she wanted sangria so I helped her kill it. But, yeah, it's been about a month.

Very hard.

I went to a house party with lots of cake and many assorted types of booze. Of course, my friends are mostly in the kitchen next to the alcohol table so I'm being tempted for a few hours. My friend Darth Fader shows up. He is also going the sober route for awhile. This is good but also precipitously close to becoming dangerous. We are both the type to slip if we have an accomplice to slip with. Luckily, we have good supporters and his growing addictions to energy drinks allow for a sugar high, which is not as good as a buzz but helps.

After this we went to my favorite place- The Rub. This is dangerous because I know that there is copious amounts of free beer in the back room and my pals know the bartenders so booze can be gotten at a discount or free if my pals are in a generous mood. Again, rolling with Fader helps because we are leaning on each other. But eventually he leaves and The Master of Shotz arrives. Oh, boy...

It's the same in any language.

Okay, I ended up actually maintaining my sobriety still. This was probably due to hanging out in the back a lot, The Master showing up pretty late and just pounding water. It was dicey at points. There were a lot of average ladies, particularly a group in "Mom Jeans" that Drunk Sean would have hollered at. I was weighing just getting a few shots of Black Label and going in but a)I could do better b)it wouldn't have made me feel better and c)I could REALLY do better. So, sobriety maintained.

Let's see if I can keep it up for this month. Hopefully, my insane amount of work I want to accomplish will help but another Rub is coming and Fader's birthday is next week. I gotta keep it together.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Starting Over

Been drink free since February 3, 2013.
Been broke even longer.
Still (sorta) hangin' at the same places with the same people.
That means this blog has begun again...possibly.