Friday, August 5, 2011

Pancake Batter

Went out last night to only hang out with folks for a little while in honor (kinda) of one of my friends, Darth Fader, becoming gainfully employed again. I'm broke and just needed to get out. Had a rum and coke before arriving and figured I would only get like 2 beers and be good.


Forgot my other friend, SHOTS!, would be there. More drinks were brought, shots were taken, we went to another spot, more shots were had. Greasy food was eaten. My confidence was called into question.
I fell asleep on the train pass my stop. Fell asleep on the bus to the end of the line. Walked back home just after dawn. Went to sleep.
Woke up late. MASSIVE headache. Ate some waffles and drank water. Thought I was feeling better so I did my laundry. Halfway through putting my clothes on clotheslines....HURLED up my pancakes and mozzarella sticks.

Now feel better. Mentally preparing for tomorrow's Rub. Tomorrow's SOBER Rub.

Or SOBER-ish.