Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Age of Sobriety

Watch the whole thing but what's important is the content and my cameo beginning at 2:57 to the end.

I don't think I was "the drinkingest nigga" but I was definitely close.

Anyway, this video was made years ago but my hedonistic approach to booze has been at Bender Bending Rodriguez levels, even up until last year. It wasn't consistent get crunked up ever weekend but my tolerance level would allow me to drink giants under the table. I was a bit of a Viking.

I've gotten better as I've gotten older (AKA my body doesn't allow for as quick of a recovery anymore). I paced myself and don't except every challenge involving liquor. And now I'm back to no booze at all.

My pal asked me why I don't imbibe with moderation but me and moderation in anything can, at most times, be a laughable concept. Whether it's liks, reading, love, I'm usually all in. Luckily, I'm not a gambler or Vegas could have been MUCH wacker for me.

So, I've been off the Jesus Juice since February 3rd. It was supposed to just start on the last weekend of January but a friend had a birthday party and she wanted sangria so I helped her kill it. But, yeah, it's been about a month.

Very hard.

I went to a house party with lots of cake and many assorted types of booze. Of course, my friends are mostly in the kitchen next to the alcohol table so I'm being tempted for a few hours. My friend Darth Fader shows up. He is also going the sober route for awhile. This is good but also precipitously close to becoming dangerous. We are both the type to slip if we have an accomplice to slip with. Luckily, we have good supporters and his growing addictions to energy drinks allow for a sugar high, which is not as good as a buzz but helps.

After this we went to my favorite place- The Rub. This is dangerous because I know that there is copious amounts of free beer in the back room and my pals know the bartenders so booze can be gotten at a discount or free if my pals are in a generous mood. Again, rolling with Fader helps because we are leaning on each other. But eventually he leaves and The Master of Shotz arrives. Oh, boy...

It's the same in any language.

Okay, I ended up actually maintaining my sobriety still. This was probably due to hanging out in the back a lot, The Master showing up pretty late and just pounding water. It was dicey at points. There were a lot of average ladies, particularly a group in "Mom Jeans" that Drunk Sean would have hollered at. I was weighing just getting a few shots of Black Label and going in but a)I could do better b)it wouldn't have made me feel better and c)I could REALLY do better. So, sobriety maintained.

Let's see if I can keep it up for this month. Hopefully, my insane amount of work I want to accomplish will help but another Rub is coming and Fader's birthday is next week. I gotta keep it together.

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