Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art and Nachos

As I'm committed to continue my normal outings, I decided to go to an art show hosted by my friends at They do a roughly monthly art show in the Bellagio at Caramel Bar and Lounge. It's a good place to chill and drink and talk. The music isn't too loud and the people who come in are an eclectic mix at most times. Good people and some people watching make these events fun even without the art.

This week's show was for Brian Swanson, an amazing local Las Vegas artist. His work looks good from far but appears like other basic paintings. On closer inspection you realize that they are intricately detailed and textured like crazy.

Good stuff right here. Click it to enlarge.

Good art, good venue, good friends.

Let's get to the good stuff....

So, I arrive maybe a half hour after opening. I lucked up and got a ride from a co-worker pal on her way to a rally (translation= rally for five minutes, then bar). Get to the door and I'm greeted by UAD1* and his wife KITTYKAT (you have to say it fast like they did in Wedding Crashers). I love these two and they told me they are both also giving up the sweet embrace of Lady Liquor as well. Cool. I always appreciate fellow teetotalers (never imagined I would actually EVER use that word). We talk about how when you tell people you are abstaining from drinking they always ask why and how it can be hard in this town. I mean, you can get beer for a buck or two and margaritas for the same price. I've been bent before off of $12 in this town. It's nuts.

I go inside with KITTYKAT and run into Capt. Sparrow who is taking pics and enjoying what looks like a great drink. He tells me this is the first time since his birthday he is drinking.

(Backstory- Sparrow's birthday was a lil while back. I came to his party at Caramel planning to stay for a short time, ended up at Bank, brought him Jager shots and danced with a sweet, classy nice bride and her trashy friends all night. Good times but paid for it the next day)

I order a $4 Sprite and chill out. Yeah. $4. Corona is $6. Huh?

Me chilling out with KK. Not drinking. Staring into space.

It was funny that KK observed that the Vodka at this event was free for her and included mixer but she had to pay for non-liquor based drinks. So, basically, you are penalized for not drinking. Oh, joy.

As we are sitting there acting much more subdued than normal, KK notices a huge bald guy walk pass us to meet other big guys.

She thinks he might be a MMA fighter which is common in this town and I also remark he looks familiar. Hmmm....

Just then, UAD2 enters and offers me a drink, tongue-in-cheek. Gotta love the support of guys. I notice women (not all though) are much more supportive in my endeavor than men. Not unexpected I guess. I just reply thanks in my sarcastic way and go back to enjoying the richness and vibrancy that is Sprite.
Eventually, we move to a couch with vodka and mixers and are joined by Capt. Sparrow and Smoove.

I switch up to cranberry juice. I gotsta keep regular, folks.

Something is missing but what? What is it?

Oh. Yeah.

I'm still chatting and thinking about who that guy is that looks like a MMA fighter. I'm also realizing two things about me and drinking.
1- Time is MUCH SLOWER when I'm sober. I was maybe in this place for 40 minutes and I was already thinking about leaving. It wasn't that it was a bad event at all. Very fun and enjoyable but my mind was on other things as opposed to when I drink and I'm just about the now.
2- I get hungry. I mean VERY hungry. I guess when I was drinking before I was just concerned with how much beer and vodka I could get down my gullet. Or I just drank Guinness and got filled up.

Guinness- Mmmmm. It drinks like a loaf of bread.

UAD1 comes in and asks me if that tall dude from earlier with the other huge necked guys looks like Brian Urlacher. I look again and say I think it is.

It is Urlacher.

Classy. Play some football, man.

Celebrity spotting of the night is okay and that dude eventually leaves with the farmboy squad. Shortly after, a douchebag troupe enters, including a guy who looks suspiciously like one of these guy's little brother. Porn-stache and all.

Thoughts flashing through my head-
"I'm hungry."
"It's not the 70s. Why do you have facial hair like John Holmes?"
"Burgers or nachos?"
"Wish I had more cash. I would like to own some art."
"Scotch, scotch, I love scotch."
"Got work tomorrow. Should leave."
"Hope it's not raining."

I end up saying goodbye to everyone and leaving.
It's raining.

I decide to go for Irish nachos so that means I end up at McMullan's Pub. Order a small order and a Sprite. (which is free there and you other bars should take the hint)
As I wait, the manager comes up to me and ask if I'm feeling alright. I tell him I'm feeling much better than the last time he saw me when I was asleep at one of his tables. I'm classy like that, San Diego.
I get my order and on my way out I run into two people who look familiar. I realize it is two members of the group of people I met that same night who got me shots of Jager. The guy thanks me and I'm like what for. He tells me I helped pick him up when he busted his ass while at the bar that night.


Yeah. Feeling better about this whole not drinking thing more and more daily. No more forgetting and definitely not the dude getting picked up off the floor.

That, my friends, is a good look. A VERY good look, indeed.

*- Told you I would start changing names and blacking out photos. Not a liar. Mostly.

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  1. I've been slowly reducing my intake... but cold turkey? Man, you're a better person than me. lol
    I totally agree, things go slower when you're sober and it seems like you get more easily bored with stuff.