Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of Course.....

Since I'm not drinking this becomes the time when I start to get invited out by people I haven't heard from in a while.

For example, out of the blue I get a text message from this woman I haven't heard from in a few months. I'm talking since like the first weekend that Dark Knight came out.
Yeah. That long ago.
She tells me that her and her new roommate are going out to celebrate her roommate's birthday.

Now, I don't know her new roommate but I know her. She is wild. WILD, SON. That tells me all I need to know. She says "dancing and drinking" but that means, I don't know, I'm thinking....

The Bacchanalia by Auguste Leveque. Get some art in your life, kid.

So, yeah, I'm REAL hesitant about even thinking about hanging out with her tonight.

Then, one of my co-workers apparently has won a party at a pub in a casino tonight where they are paying for a bulk of the drinks.

What the fuck?

Where were these experimenting women when I could enjoy their time or at least attention?
Where were these events with cheap/free booze a month ago?
Is this a sick cosmic joke?

You are a dick, sir. A dick I say.

The final nail in the coffin....

Super Bowl Sunday is next week.

That's like the fourth day of the year where you are supposed to drink heavily for no TRULY valid reason. *
C'MON! I mean they are sponsored by beer AND horses.

See? Beer even encourages racial harmony.

I should calm down. This is the decision that I made and I must stick to my guns if for no other reasons than it's good for me and I have naysayers.

I'm gonna stick with it.

Sorry for calling you a dick, God. My bad, dude.

"It's cool, Sean. Just don't do it again or I'll erase your hard drive. Or I'll just smite yo' ass, Old Testament Style."


Jesus, what a touchy prick.

And why does God sound like Sam Jackson? Weird.

* The top 3 other days are New Year's (Chinese or otherwise), Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick's Day. Although, to be fair, some of you folks' families push Thanksgiving and Christmas STRAIGHT TO THE TOP.

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