Saturday, July 6, 2013


So, it was The Rub again and also The Master of Shotz birthday. What could go wrong?

I was supposed to meet some people and bring them in with me but they cancelled because they are lame and I scooped up a pal from the line and did my usual entry. I had about $50 on me with $30 of that automatically going to pay back a friend so my game plan was A DRINK and just chilling with friends. Maybe 2 drinks if my DJ pals weren't hitting up the beer backstage. I was DEFINITELY NOT doing shots of Jameson like I knew had a high potential of going down. Especially since Darth Fader would also be there.

I accomplished one of these goals.

I'll probably have my wedding, kids' baptisms and wake  DJed by these guys.

This was still the game plan when I ran into my friend D at the other bar. He had a night out to just chill and he's good to be around because we keep the mood relax while somewhat sober. After a certain level, well...

So, he offers to buy me a drink and I turn him down. Initially. Twenty minutes pass and I figure what the hell? I'll get one vodka cranberry and be good. D says "I got you" and makes sure that the bartender gives me Stoli.

"I don't pay for any random liquor." Which is smart because you don't want to drink antifreeze.*

Drink Uno- drank.

Normally, at this point I go back to the larger room where my pals are DJing but the guy they had  was KILLIN' IT!

More of my friends arrive. I get more drinks. I avoid shots. I was marginally successful for the night.

Fast forward to about 3 AM. I've haven't hit on any women and I don't care.** I have danced with two or four of my female friends awkwardly and that means it's closing time for this guy.

I trek to the train and pass out from exhaustion. I wake up going towards Coney Island which is weird since I got on the train going back to Queens. What I think happened is that I slept so long the train had begun to make the return trip. I got up, got on another train, got off, caught my bus and almost got in a fight with this dude for nodding off too close to him which was totally my fault but he could have been calmer.

It is now almost 8 or 9 AM.

There is another round of drinking at 7 PM and I told someone I would go with them to watch fireworks at 10/11 PM. Joy.

I awake at 2:30 PM and I do not want to leave the bed. Check that- I was WOKEN up at 2:30 by fireworks friend girl to see if we were going to hang later. I remind her of my other party and take a shower.

I get to the event and NOBODY gets there for an hour. I should know better at this point with my people but the hot dog, beer and view make up for it.

They missed out.
My friends eventually arrive. I plan to leave at 9 to meet my other friend but she lames out on me for the second night in a row so I plan now to leave at 9:30.


Three (or four) Brooklyn Ales later and it's 11:00 PM. I've pulled a me but it was a good time so I'm not upset and I'm a grownup so I could have left whenever.

Great but exhausting weekend with friends.

I don't want to do it again for awhile. I'm getting tired.

*Although a lot of bars just give you that shite anyway and keep it in fancy bottles. You can tell if you are a dru- an aficionado like myself. 
**This has been a recent development in this past year or so and I think I'm finally cool with that. I don't have to live the life for my friends to live vicariously through me all the time.